Women in leadership roles remains low in trucking

DALLAS, Texas – Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking, says the most successful businesses embrace women in high level executive roles.

Citing several studies as evidence during the Omnitracs Outlook User Conference in Dallas today, Voie pointed to the correlation between success from a business standpoint and for the women in those leadership roles.

“We need more women in leadership roles,” she said. “We need more women running these businesses.”

In the U.S., 10% of top executives at trucking companies are female, while 14% occupy board seats.

S&P 500 companies are doing slightly better when it comes to women in leadership roles, with 26.5% being top executives, 21.2% holding seats on the board, but only 4.8% being CEOs.

Voie highlighted several challenges companies face when looking to bring more women into leadership positions, which are not limited to societal biases.

First and foremost, Voie said many women are “power reluctant,” where their male counterparts push harder to get what they want in the workplace.

“Women often don’t want to push for more authority or responsibility,” Voie said, adding that she was speaking in generalities.

Voie continued, saying women typically do not negotiate for higher salaries or benefits, and shy away from celebrating their accomplishments, underselling themselves.

She also said women are usually more modest than men, and are more concerned with being liked by others.

Voie pointed to the genetic makeup of women versus men, saying estrogen encourages bonding and connection, while discouraging conflict and risk taking.

Even the way women and men approach problem solving differs.

Citing the book Why Women, Voie said men tend to approach problem solving by narrowing the field of options and focusing in on the fastest solution. Women, on the other hand, expand the field of options and explore the best solution.

“Neither one is right or wrong,” said Voie. “It’s just a different approach to problem solving.”

If women are to become more successful in promoting themselves in the workplace, Voie said they need to be more positive, learn to handle criticism, savor positive moments, speak up, take credit, and accept praise.

“One of the things that is frustrating is when you give someone a compliment and they downplay it,” said Voie. “Just say thank you and stop right there.”

Altruism is also important to women when selecting a place to work.

“We want to have confidence that we are making our world a better place,” said Voie. “Not that men don’t, but it’s a higher priority for women when looking for a career.”

Aside from what women can do better to improve the number of women in leadership roles, Voie said societal bias around the effort remains.

Studies have shown that men who speak up in the workplace among their peers are viewed more positively, whereas women are viewed in a more negative light.

Voie pointed to the likeability study The Heidi-Howard Experiment from Harvard Business School. Choosing the case study of successful and outgoing entrepreneur Heidi Roizen, the same story was read by two groups, with one changing Heidi’s name to Howard. Though the groups found both the male and female characters to be equally competent, Howard came across as more appealing, and Heidi was seen as selfish and not someone they would want to work for.

“We expect women to act a certain way, but then in a leadership role, they are expected to act differently, which leads to confusion,” said Voie.

The #MeToo movement also had an impact on how men and women interact in the workplace.

Surveys reveal almost half of male managers are uncomfortable participating in common work activities with female colleagues, such as mentoring or even socializing.

Nearly 30% of male managers are not comfortable working alone with a woman, more than twice as many as prior to the #MeToo movement. Men in senior positions are 3.5 times more likely to hesitate to having dinner with a junior-level woman than a man, and five times more likely to hesitate to traveling for work with a junior-level woman compared to a male.

Voie said this trend is an unfortunate result of the #MeToo movement, and “it’s something we really need to address or at least be cognizant of.”

Voie advised carriers to be open to admitting there is a problem with the number of women in leadership roles in the industry. She said companies should review how and where they are looking to attract and hire women. Placing job advertisements in appropriate locations, such as university job boards and other places women job search, can help entice more qualified women to apply for positions. As will how a job posting is worded.


Cheapest Truck Insurance Nationwide Discount Guide

Truck insurance doesn’t just insure your vehicle, it can also cover medical expenses from a vehicle wreck as well as protecting you from being sued for additional expenses from being in a wreck. This article can help you choose the right amounts of coverage in the right areas to protect all of your assets.

As you age, check with your truck insurance company about discounts. If you have a long history of safe driving habits, your age might qualify you for further rate reductions. Most insurance companies have a sweet spot around fifty five to seventy years of age for age-related discounts on their policies.

When trying to get a lower rate on your truck insurance, don’t be afraid to shop around. Truck insurance companies use different formulas to calculate who is a higher risk driver and therefore who has higher premiums. Even a slightly different set of questions could mean big savings for you.

When shopping for the best price on truck insurance, do not inflate the worth of your vehicle. Claiming your vehicle to be worth more than it is will only increase the cost of your premiums. In the case of a total loss accident, you will only be paid the amount your vehicle was actually worth at the time of the damage.

As expensive as adding your teen driver to your truck insurance policy can be, it may be worth it in the long run, as it will help him or her to begin building up a good credit report. If they maintain a safe driving record, this history of insured good driving will give them a better rate when they reach adulthood and are purchasing truck insurance of their own.

Shop online! To ensure you get the absolute best deal on truck insurance, do most or all of your research online – and then buy online. Technology now allows fast comparison of so many companies and features; it greatly simplifies the task of finding the right company with the right rates and the right coverage to fit your needs and budget.

If you are a young driver looking to purchase an truck insurance policy but do not want to pay an arm and a leg, a great step you can take is to get an older driver to share the insurance with you. Much like having someone with good credit co-sign a loan with you, having an older, experienced driver on your insurance will bring your payments down.

With your truck insurance, it is important that you know what your coverage covers. There are certain policies that only cover certain things. It is important that you understand what your plan covers so that you do not get stuck in a sticky situation where you get into trouble.

Check out your state’s minimum insurance guidelines, and follow them. Some states only require you to have liability coverage, but others require personal injury as well. Make sure you know your state’s practices so that you do not fail to meet them, and end up with a ticket for not having enough coverage.

If you are just buying a truck for jetting around town, see if your insurance company offers discounts for low mileage driving. The less you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident that your insurance will have to pay for. Most companies recognize this with discount offers.

Better your eye focus while you are driving. Let your vision focus on something far away, such as an oncoming truck, and then quickly look at your speedometer. Continue doing this as the truck approaches, and every time you drive. You will eventually find that your eyes are focusing much faster than before!

Cheap Insurance

Perhaps you cannot afford to pay much for your truck insurance, but remember that it is a legal requirement to have insurance in order to drive a truck. If you get pulled over and cannot prove that you have truck insurance, you will get a fine. Get an extremely cheap insurance if you need to.

Location matters when it comes to insurance premiums. Moving to a new city or state could drastically reduce your premiums. Rates tend to vary depending on where you live. So, truck insurance policies could be less expensive if you plan on moving.

Insurance Discount

Did you know that a simple feature on your truck like anti-lock brakes entitles you to an insurance discount? It’s true; the safer your vehicle is, the less you will ultimately have to pay for truck insurance. So when you’re shopping around for a truck, spending a little extra for safety features is rewarded in the long run via lower premiums.

Installing anti-theft systems in your truck can save you significant money on your truck insurance. Regardless of their actual effectiveness, alarms and tracking devices deter thieves and insurance companies acknowledge that fact by reducing premiums. Remember that anti-theft equipment is a one-time expense, but the value of an insurance discount will continue to grow over time.

Take advantage of every possible truck insurance discount. Some insurers list all of their discount possibilities on their websites, while other insurers are not so forthcoming. You may need to telephone your agent and ask them to list all the discount options for you. Research what other companies offer so you are prepared to ask questions. Can you get a discount for going to defensive driving school? How about accident forgiveness? Do you get a good driver discount? Ask about any discounts on deductibles for good driving history, and loyalty discounts for staying with the same insurer.

See if you qualify for a Safe Vehicle Truck Insurance Discount. If your truck has a variety of safety features, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, you may qualify for a reduced rate on your insurance. Discuss everything that your truck has with your agent so that you get the best possible rate.

As already put forth, truck insurance protects so much more than just your truck. It can be the difference between being sued or having your insurance company take care of details like that for you. By using the information in this article and choosing the right insurance, you can protect your truck, your passengers, and your assets.