The Commercial Truck Insurance Staff

Sales and Support: Mike, Jackie, Rick, Ann and Ange

We are committed to providing the highest quality truck insurance products and the most competitive prices on commercial truck insurance available; giving exceptional value through professional solutions in risk management and financial security.

Service: Marge, Sheri, Angela, Elaine, Anthony, Melissa and Jewella

We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards and are committed to earning your trust by communicating clearly, by educating you about commercial truck insurance and being educated, by full disclosure, and by maintaining a genuine interest in your concerns.

Claims: Paulette

In addition, our trucking insurance service of staying on top of your claim is what gives you the peace of mind you can count on. From the moment you contact our office, you know you're in good hands with the immediate processing of your claim. The right questions are asked and your specific concerns and priorities are relayed directly to the truck insurance company. We confirm your claim immediately back to you in writing with follow-ups to advise you of the what, how, and who of the taking care of your claims and needs.

ICC Authority: Glen

Our Truck Insurance Services consist of providing ICC and DOT authority along with quarterly fuel tax reporting. We also keep our clients informed of changes in different state laws involving interstate travel.

Lead Field Inspector: Bill

Our Truck Insurance Field Instector will visit each insured at their facility to inspect their fleet and interview the drivers.

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