Dupre Logistics Recognized By Texas Motor Transport Association

Earlier this week the Texas Motor Transport Association announced the recognition of Dupre Logistics for their performance for outstanding achievement in highway safety at the annual Safety and Maintenance luncheon in San Antonio.

Seeing recognition for the 10 Million Mile class, Dupre Logistics was awarded the outstanding achievement in safety alongside the American Trucking Association and the TMTA.

Dupre Logistics reports that the company’s field safety supervisor, Stephen Murray, was present at the luncheon to accept the award for the outstanding achievement in highway safety.

“It is truly an honor for Dupré to receive such an award from the Texas Motor Transport Association,” said, vice-president of safety and risk management at Dupré, Al LaCombe. “Each employee is a true steward of the safety programs here at Dupré — which are overseen from the top down but work daily from the bottom up by job experts completing each task safely, one at a time.”

More information on Dupre may be found at the company’s site.